How to Move Your End of Season, Slow Moving, Overstock Merchandise with Sale Supplies and Smart Selling

It’s the end of the season and sales did not go quite as planned. Now, what do you do with all the leftover stock and still recoup some of the initial investment? The obvious solution is to have a sale and reduce prices. But first, you must have a plan and be prepared for having a sale. This includes setting a goal, having a vision, and investing in the right sales supplies, including signs, tagging/pricing supplies, and display options.

One…Stock Up on Sales Supplies


This might sound elementary, but these are the tools you will need to start the process of implementing your sales plan. Invest in the right tagging supplies, including a tagging gun, fasteners (or barbs in the clothing industry), replacement needles for tagging gun, and merchandise tags. Once you have your tagging and pricing supplies, it is time to move on to signs. Sign, sign, everywhere a sign! Strong visual merchandising is so important in sales. Make sure to invest in easy to read, highly visible signs that work for various displays and make sure to invest in the right sign holders. Store front windows, point of purchase area, front of store or sidewalk, this is your chance to make a memorable impression on your customers.

Two…Lower Prices and Consider Bundling Items


This is the easier piece of moving past season or overstock merchandise, just lower the price. Lower prices generate more sales, maybe not full-price sales, but better than no sales. Here is another idea, take a full price item and bundle it with a slow selling, end of season or overstock item at a significantly reduced price. An add-on helps to boost sales for both products.  Just remember, customers are looking for bargains, not junk. Make sure to keep the merchandise as well as the sale area clean and orderly. If merchandise has been damaged, move it to a different area with a deeper discount, and clearly marked as damaged. At this point you just want the stock out of your inventory.

Three…. Be Creative in Your Visual Merchandising


A sale sign is a sale sign but be choosy when you pick a marketing piece for your store and displays. Make sure it is easy to read, not deceptive (you know the small print at the bottom that says you must purchase 3 items at regular price to get the 4th one for just $ 0.99). Choose signs and sign holders that can be easily moved around from one area to another. Set up your sale display areas in various locations, highlighting the sale. Moving displays weekly so it keeps your store looking fresh. As your sale inventory disappears, make sure that you keep it neat and when ready, replace with new merchandise. Large, bold signs are perfect for hanging in windows or bulletin sign holders or A-frame sidewalk message boards are ideal for grabbing customers attention outside your retail location. Be creative, be bold, use a sense of humor, do whatever you have to do to get customers into your store to leave with your sale merchandise.

Four…Use Social Media and Email Lists with Promotions


Create a special promotion and announce it on your social media platforms. Offer a special incentive to your customers to come in and take advantage of a sale just for them. Offer special hours to shop (like an hour before the store normally opens, or on a Sunday if you are not normally open.) Bring in a friend to your store and you both receive additional sale prices. Pop a balloon and receive additional percentages off. Make it fun to shop in your store and build your customer relations. The next season is right around the corner!

Five…You’ve Got Very Little Left, so Give it Away


It really does not matter what merchandise you sell, someone can always use a helping hand, So, when you get down to your last sale or promotion and you have done everything you can think of to recoup some of your investment, it’s time to donate. Choose a charity that could benefit from receiving your business donation, boost your image as being socially responsible and get a tax write-off as well.




To move slow moving items, end of the season merchandise or overstock items be prepared, be smart, be creative and be flexible in your sales. For all your sale supplies needs, visit





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