We have all done this, thrown something into the closet, shut the door and promised to go back and take care of it. Fast forward a year later and the things that you have thrown into your closet are still there and the pile has gotten bigger.


No need to panic or start in on self-loathing behavior. BREATHE. RELAX. YOU’VE GOT THIS. First thing, give the closet a quick overview. Remove all clothing that does not fit (we all have the best intentions, but if it doesn’t fit, get rid of it). Make a pile, bag it and get rid of it right away. This is important to follow through on. You don’t want a garbage bag or bags cluttering your bedroom. Take the items for donation right out to your car. Even if you don’t make the donation the same day you are cleaning out your closet, at least you won’t be looking at garbage bags when you go to bed.


Next, get rid of your plastic hangers from college or wire hangers left over from the dry cleaners. Both of these styles of clothes hangers are great for many things, but not your closet. Your home closet should be neat and organized and easy to maneuver. Good clothes hangers = adulting.

There are a variety of clothes hangers recommended for closets, including the huggable velvet hangers that are slim and flocked to keep garments from slipping off

NAHANCO recently introduced an exclusive collection of slim, wooden hangers that are ideal for closet organization at home. You can maximize closet space with the flat, slim, ¼” thick wooden clothes hangers Available in four finishes, perfect for tops, bottoms and coordinating pieces. No matter what kind of hanger you choose, the style should work for you.


Next, let’s tackle shoes. If you kept the original box they came in, good for you! It’s as easy as neatly stocking the boxes in the closest with color and style written on the box facing you when you go to select your footwear. For the rest of us, we must do some work. Again, start with throwing out what you don’t wear anymore (and if you have worn them, do throw them out, nobody wants worn out, scuffed up shoes). If you have shoes that you have never worn, chances are you have missed the window of opportunity and won’t be wearing them now or in the future. These shoes definitely get donated or bring to a consignment shop and try and get some of your money back. After you weed out the shoes, there are a couple of solutions for organizing them in your closet. You can purchase a shoe rack and pair the shoes together in a neat and orderly fashion. In some cases, you might need additional storage for shoes (maybe you have a shoe fetish) rotate your shoes out per season and store the rest on a rolling shoe rack out of sight. Another option to store footwear, namely boots, is to use a boot clip,, simply clip and hang. Keeps them neat, together and up out of the way.

For miscellaneous items, such as handbags, a stylish way to organize them, use a spiral rack. Easy to assemble and looks great for display or storage, the light-weight spiral rack holds a variety of styles and sizes,

Have fun with your stuff. For example, displaying hats on your walls is also a great way to store them when not in use. There are many ways to organize your closet and many more accessories available to hang scarves, leggings, ties, even flip-flops! Another idea for organizing your closet, use jean hooks. They are great for hanging jeans (handbags too), are economical and stylish. As seen On Pinterest, And if you don’t have a closet, there is a solution for that too. Purchase a sturdy clothing rack, stationary or rolling (there are a variety of finishes out now to compliment your environment) and hang clothes out in the open. As long as your neat, your clothing rack can make a cool display piece as well as being functional, from


Don’t get carried away with the notion of not having the time or the space or it’s too much to deal with. Take it one step at a time, break it down into manageable steps and you will be amazed at the progress you make. BREATHE.


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