Interesting and Unusual Uses for Clothes Hangers

Obviously, you know hangers are for hanging clothes, but did you know

other industries use clothes hangers for their businesses? Did you know hangers are not just for your closets when using them at home? I am going to open up your eyes to the most interesting and unusual uses for clothes hangers that I have come across while working at NAHANCO.


Hair Extensions and Dye Jobs


Beauty shops all over the world are experiencing a growth in the popularity

of customers wanting hair extensions and colorful hair. In order to keep

samples neat and untangled, shops are resorting to use of pant hangers. The easy to use, lightweight clamp hanger is the ideal choice for securing the fine hair extensions, displaying color dye choices and storing

samples when not being used.


Pot Shops


It’s all the rage, cannabis. Huge market for growing and selling cannabis. There is a whole process that goes along with growing, cultivating and drying cannabis and guess what some growers use to dry their grass…you guessed it…clothes hangers.


Carpet Samples

An easy and cost effective way to display carpet samples or showcase rugs. The sturdy wooden pant hanger with clips makes an ideal choice for customers to browse through samples while looking for the perfect color and texture.



Kitchen/Pantry/Storage Solutions


Turn a plastic pant hanger with pinch clips into an excellent way to secure opened bags of chips, crackers or cereal and hang in your pantry.


Or use pinch clip hangers to store bulky items


Most unusual, dry pasta!


Repurpose for organization




Use old or new style suit hangers to hold magazines or display pieces of art.


As you can see, the pictures tell the stories about the unusual uses for clothes hangers and I am sure there are many more clever ideas out there.



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