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NAHANCO Green at Work

Greening NAHANCO’s Manufacturing Facilities


Over the past few years National Hanger Company (NAHANCO) has worked hard to implement changes into our manufacturing methods to become more environmentally friendly. This has included replacing all incandescent lighting within the NAHANCO buildings and all fluorescent fixtures have been fitted with environmentally friendly (no green tip) type bulbs. In addition, a new compressed air system was installed that has resulted in lower operating costs as well as a reduction in water usage (cooling) of 100,000 gallons a year. NAHANCO remains committed to “growing green” and pursing additional ways to conserve the earth’s resources.


More Efficient Presses


With the assistance of Efficiency Vermont, NAHANCO was able to replace our hydraulic presses with energy efficient, all-electric injection-molding presses. In doing so, we have used less power and eliminated the need to change and dispose of hydraulic fluids.


Reuse, Reduce and Recycle Programs


Any plastic scrap produced within our manufacturing plant is reground on-premise and reprocessed back into pellet form. Pellets are then reused within the manufacturing process to again create product. This process has helped to eliminate the disposal of defective material that would remain in a landfill for approximately 1000 years.


All paper, including scrap corrugated boxes and containers are compacted, baled, and sold for recycling purposes. Paper use has been reduced by going digital, sending information via email.


Metal recycling has been an added revenue with the profits being used to upgrade equipment used in the facility to address ergonomic issues within the plant.


NAHANCO continues to look for ways to produce less waste, conserve resources, create more efficiency and green up our industry one project at a time.


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